About the RINC Leader
Name: Roy Starkiller
Join Date (OOC): July 1999
Race: (Cybernetic) Falleen
Appearance: Physically augmented with computers and metal.
We had a great run.
Thank you to all our friends and allies, previous members and even some of our enemies.

For as long as I can remember, I have been alone.

I know nothing of my family. My earliest memories are of survival, eeking out a meager existence.

Things changed, however, when I found myself a manual labor job on a transport ship, hauling cargo on and off at different ports. It allowed me to see other places and awakened a wanderlust in me. It also led to the situation I find myself in now.

The transport's captain was always eager to turn a profit, as most are. One day, we dropped out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere, intending to perform a course correction. He discovered what appeared to be a derelict ship of unknown design. He decided to send some men aboard and see what could be salvaged. I was one of those men.

We entered the ship to find it the most unusual ship any of us had ever seen. Warm, humid and as we explored, no discernible centralized areas of the ship. It was a few minutes before we found the bodies. Mostly grey pigmentation with highly sophisticated cybernetic implant systems, putting those of the Yaka and Gank to shame. We split up to better explore and that is the last time I saw any of group again.

As I was exploring, I found survivors. At first, they ignored me, more concerned with their ship. As I continued to walk about, inspecting the ship, they suddenly began to take notice, walking towards me slowly with a blank, unemotional look on their faces. I had not been given anything more than a comlink before leaving the transport, so I had no way to fight back. I decided to raise my hands in surrender, but they did not seem to understand the gesture.

I caught a glance of one behind me, just as a felt a stabbing pain at my neck. I felt disoriented and began to hear voices, many voices in my head, speaking together as one. I now understood everything. I knew what they were and why they were here. I slowly became one of them.

Over the next few minutes, I learned that all the others in my group had been likewise captured, or as these Borg called it, assimilated. The transport had left, running scared. Eventually I was tranformed into a Borg. Fully cybernetic, encased in a metal exoskeleton and connected to a hive mind of all the other Borg on the ship.

It is difficult to look back and measure time as part of that collective mind, but it had to have been only a few days, a week at most, that the ship was attacked and destroyed. The section of the ship I was on at the time was somehow able to survive, mostly intact and I was able to stay alive. The rest of the ship's complement of Borg drones was destroyed. My neural link to them was gone.

Within a few days, by a one-in-a-million chance, the debris field was discovered and I was rescued. A group calling itself Renegade Inc. had been exploring the area and brought me on board. I was healed and slowly began to regain my individuality. I asked to join them and was accepted. My time connected to the hive mind gave me an amazing capacity of knowledge. An occular implant given to me as part of my transformation gave me the ability to see and read memories as though they were movies and text as well as the ability to see beyond the normal visual spectrum.

Within time, this strength of knowledge led the group's leader to place me in charge when he decided it was time to move on.

Designed by Bouma Ga`Mon