Mecrosa offers a range of services outside the field of typical security companies. For more information regarding services, contact Dac Kain, visit our forum, or drop by #cmg-mecrosa to customize your service order today.


Mecrosa's security services encompass police and planetary defense. Opertaives are well-trained and equipped to handle whatever situation they are called to, no matter how messy the territorial dispute or dangerous the criminal enterprise.

Planetary Defense Grid Development

Police Action

Mecrosa operatives are trained to deal with enemy incursions, ie. build wars, and the apprehension of known criminals. Contracts are negotiated per operative and are based on a formula of insurance, salary, equipment, and transportation costs.


Secure Transport

Mecrosa utilizes the galaxy's largest for-hire fleet, with ships of all classes and sizes to transport valuable and/or indespensible cargo. All transport contracts are fulfilled as expediantly, securely, and with great discretion.

Raw Material

Employing some of the finest heavy haulers money can buy, Mecrosa's transport fleet pilots stand by to transport your raw materials across the galaxy for a reasonable fee. Hire us for a single trip or for a month or two. Mix ships to get the best deal for your transportation needs. Pilots are included for all standard hires, however additional pilots are not provided for combined hires which utilize our Modular Star Hauler to shuttle one or more freighters for additional capacity and surface loading/offloading.

Daily Rates

Tabder Heavy Hauler: 1,250,000
Modular Taskforce Carrier: 750,000 (+50k per customer ship docked)
Bulk Freighter: 300,000 w/pilot
Gallofree Medium Transport: 300,000 w/pilot

Daily Rates for Combined Hires

Bulk Freighter: 150,000 w/Modular Star Hauler
Gallofree Medium Transport: 100,000 w/Modular Star Hauler
AA-9 Transport: 80,000 w/Modular Star Hauler
Modular Conveyor: 80,000 w/Modular Star Hauler

All prices subject to change.

Light Transport

Ships and Vehicles

Please contact us to negotiate. Fee based on weight/volume and distance.

A per day levy, based on the hyperspace daily rate, will be charged in the event of delays caused by planetary shields or client error.



All of our construction services are guaranteed to be completed in a professional and timely manner. Our rates are very competitive and full-service construction options are available.

Please visit Centrepoint Market to purchase a new construction as our availability and prices are subject to change.


We regret that we have had to suspend all full-service facility construction operations due to security concerns. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange with us to build your own facility for a one million credit fee.


Need somewhere to store your wares between those long hauls? Establishing your own buzzling trading nexus along one of the galaxy's trafficated hyperlanes? Complete with an active link to all the galaxy's major trade hubs, you will have priority access to all items left ownerless as a result of businesses gone bankrupt or individuals dying without a proper will. All station sales made through Centrepoint Market.

Trading Stations

Trading 1 - 16 million
Trading 2 - 21 million

Space Colonies

Luxury Space Colony - 8 million
Space Colony I - 10 million
Space Colony II - 12 million

Medical Stations

Hospital Platform XQ-2 - 19 million

Security Stations

Golan I
Golan II
Araturk-class Station

Build anywhere! Prices and availability subject to change; all stations sold through Centrepoint Market.