In year 9 the evolution of The Damned continued as another beast was unleashed upon the galaxy. That creature was Mecrosa, a trading group with resources like no-other. Mecrosa was the result of a lord’s return to "the Family" and was reminiscent of a time when they ruled the space lanes and trade routes under a different banner; a different sun. Mecrosa was a joint venture with The Damned, optimizing their wide range of services into a public front. With their strength, this new group would quickly grow up to claw its mark onto the face of the galaxy.

Mecrosa was the place where those wishing to be apprenticed into the "Legion of the Damned" treaded their tentative steps, under the guidance of the former Warlord Draith Shadux. In a written statement, Dark Prince Shadux thoroughly denied any incident led to his resignation from his previous position of power, as creator and leader of the Ailon Nova Guard government. Rather, he stated, "I strongly suspect that I was drugged and delusional. But that intern was definitely nothing to do with me."

Mecrosa was The Damned's third child to enter into commerce; its siblings, Centurion Arms and Endara Reclaim Industries, already ruled their respective markets by providing exemplary services at prices unavailable to others. It was, clearly, only a matter of time before Mecrosa's name became synonymous with trade and profit.

While Mecrosa's growth in the months after its creation was promising, the departure of Dark Prince Shadux from Mecrosa's operations came within its first year.  Following this event, The Damned opted to relinquish ownership of the group. With investment in a powerful new fleet and the leadership Dac Kain, Mecrosa has added transport services to its business. Mecrosa now looks towards a future with new markets and new opportunities to build a reputation for excellence in both trading and transport.

The Damned conglomerate was dissolved in Year 10 and its operatives all departed for their own ventures and destinations unknown. Mecrosa remains, however, as the spearhead of a new conglomerate which began as a partnership with its sister company, Kobola, a mining group, and later acquired Xucphra, a medical producer. In Year 12, Mecrosa underwent further evolution, seeing opportunity in the security services sector for its highly-trained and trusted personnel. Remaining as independent in the face of galactic upheval, but not alone, Mecrosa continues to expand on a promising year with rapid growth in services, clientele, and membership.