Mecrosa began as a dream woven from shadows and greed, but has become a business empire with the strength to serve the best interests of its clients and operatives alike. Once part of the Damned conglomerate, it now sits at the head of an even larger business empire, called Mecrotica, which includes the venerable medical producer Xucphra. With extensive investment in mining and ship production to enhance its security force and strengthen its holdings in the Phu sector, Mecrosa has become much more than it once was. Having proven itself as a powerful economic force in the station construction and transport markets, Mecrosa began reaching into the security sector during Y12. Throughout its expansion, the company has adhered to the same foundation that established it as a dominate force in multiple industries; its tenets are performance, privacy, and profit.


Mecrosa operatives are highly trained and well compensated. Our profit-sharing pay structure leads to high salaries and dedicated personnel. Their commitment to Mecrotica is extended to our clients and their interests. Success is the only acceptable outcome of every engagement.


Mecrosa's transport fleet is the largest available for hire in the galaxy. We have the titans of the stellar lanes — the Tabder-class Heavy Hauler and the Modular Taskforce Carrier — and the freighters to load them: Bulks, Gallos, AA-9s, and Modular Conveyors. With millions of tons of cargo capacity at our disposal, there is no job too large or too small. Our pilots are highly trained professionals who show the utmost commitment to every job; ensuring its security and a timely delivery.

Station Deployment

With a cachet of space station designs available, Mecrosa offers the most reliable service for obtaining fully-functional stations. Built at locations of the client's choosing, Mecrosa's effectiveness, and the skill of its pilots, sees that most orders are filled within two weeks.

Mecrosa's operations and transactions retain the backing of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy. That same confidence is extended to our clients; dozens of whom have already given their absolute trust by engaging our services. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and discretion is impeccable for a reason and we are relentlessly dedicated to maintaining it.

Do not risk a single credit or another delay by continuing with less reliable security, transport and trading service providers; visit our forum or speak to Dac Kain in #cmg-mecrosa on IRC to begin working with us immediately. You’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that you did.